The Team

The Ethertote team members "true" identities will be revealed in due course:

Please visit this link for more details on this subject

Mr. Busy


Crypto and Blockchain evangelist who first conceived the idea of the Ethertote back in Christmas 2017 and set about putting our little team together and making this happen

Mr. Clever


Having an idea isn't always enough but luckily for us, Mr. Busy just so happened to be good friends with Mr. Clever, who is a bit of an Ethereum and Solidity smart contract expert!

Mr. Cool


Mr. Cool wears trendy clothes and is most likely to be found in some trendy bar on a Friday night. He makes the rest of us feel old and ugly but we still love him for his JS skills!

Mr. Happy


Mr. Happy is the newest member of the team and has brought a lot of really excellent ideas to the table, and he is always cheerful and positive, even when the rest of us are stressing out!