Token Holder Claim

Listening for account changes...

The Token Holder Claim smart contract address is


There are 10,000,000 tokens in existence

The total amount of Eth available to claim is 0.0833005 for claim number 15

The current claim block is 9,337,219

The claim window is currently open


What are TOTE tokens?

TOTE tokens are Ethereum ERC20 utility tokens issued by Ethertote which allow those in possesion of the tokens to trade on the Ethertote platform, and claim a share of the Eth stored in the "Token Holder Claim" fund.

Can I buy or sell TOTE tokens once the token sale ends?

Yes! You are totally free to buy or sell or exchange your tokens in any way you want to. There will be a number of exchanges allowing you to do this

How many TOTE tokens do I need to trade on the Ethertote?

You only require one token to trade on the "Extended" trading period of the Ethertote, although we must be able to recognize your token balance using your Metamask or equivalent login.

How many TOTE tokens do I need to claim a share of the "Token Holder Claim" fund?

You can technically claim a share of Eth from the "Token Holder Claim" fund by having a single TOTE token in your Ethereum wallet at the time of the stated claim block number, however the more tokens you own, the greater the share of the fund you would be entitled to. Please note that you must pay Ethereum "gas" to claim your Eth.

Can I still claim a share of the fund if I no longer own the tokens?

Yes! You only need to have owned tokens at the time of the claim block number. If you didn't own tokens before or after this time it doesn't matter. The block number is there to act as a "snapshot" of time, where the original TOTE token contract notes the Ethereum wallet addresses of all token holders.

How often can I make a claim?

The claim "window" is actually open most of the time, however the amount of Eth that you are entitled to only gets updated once every 12 weeks,and you are only entitled to make 1 claim per claim window. For 11 of the 12 weeks the claim window is open, so token holders have plenty of time to make their claim. We will however close the claim window for the final week of each 12-week claim window, as this gives us a window to perform any server/software upgrades, audits, or anything else we might need to do to ensure the platform runs as smoothly as possible.

What if my tokens were not in my wallet at stated block number?

The original TOTE token contract uses the block number as a "snapshot" in time to determine the ethereum wallet addresses associated with tokens. Unfortunately it will only be the wallet addresses recorded on the blockchain in possesion of TOTE tokens at the time of the stated block number who will be entitled to claim.

What if I missed the claim window?

The current decision is to roll any unclaimed Eth over to the following claim window, which will form part of the overall fund for the next claim window. There were in fact two ways to approach this question. We could've "locked" the Eth away for token holders to be able to claim their Eth indefinitely, however if the amount to be claimed was associated with an account that was lost or completely forgotten, then it would result in Eth stuck inside the smart contract forever. Rather than this happening, we decided that it may as well benefit the other token holders so the unclaimed Eth just gets rolled into the next claim window for everyone to benefit from.

I hold tokens but the page tells me my Eth entitlement is zero?

Remember you need to have held tokens at the block number stated. If you held tokens before or after the block number, then this will not count towards your claim. If you did hold tokens at the block number stated, please ensure the following:

  1. Logged into Metamask?
  2. Claim Window Open?
  3. Already made a claim during this window?